Monday, September 26, 2011

Create a simple survey form

This assignment will give you practice with the mechanics of creating a simple form and start you thinking about survey design.

Google Docs has several modules, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and forms.

Go to and create a new form like this one:

Make the field names and help text the same as mine. Note also that all four questions are required.

When your form is exactly like mine, get three friends to complete it.

The results of a form-based survey are presented in a Google Docs spreadsheet like this one:

(I only completed one form, so there is only one row).

Note that when you are looking at the spreadsheet view of your survey, you can go back to the form by clicking on the form menu (red arrow).

Turn in a printout showing your form and the spreadsheet view with three or more responses.

Link to topic module