Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Plan a survey

You will be creating a survey on a topic that interests you.

Do not worry about the mechanics of creating the survey for this assignment, focus on planning and design.

You should take some time to come up with a topic. Do not pick the first idea that pops into your mind. (It is human nature to settle on the solution to a problem too soon and then cling to that solution -- fight that urge).

Try to generate at least three ideas and think them over before settling on a topic. Who will be taking your survey? Do the results have any practical value? Are you genuinely curious about the topic?

Once you have a good topic, draft your questions. (Review the question types that are spelled out in our Survey Design topic module and be sure to include both open ended and limited response questions).

Set you questions aside for a day, then review them. The wording will have to be adjusted. Are the questions ambiguous? Have someone else take the survey and give you feedback on the way they interpreted the questions.

Type and turn in your plan outlining the survey topic, the target audience, your plan for reaching them. Also include the questions in your plan.

Link to topic module