Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Michael Wesch presentation

This assignment has two goals -- to get you thinking about the roles of classroom architecture and questions in learning and to give you experience with careful, mindful Internet writing of short documents.

Watch this video excerpt from a talk in which Michael Wesch discusses the role of classroom architecture and questions in education.

Then write your answer to one of these questions:

1. How did listening to Michael Wesch make you feel? Do you recognize yourself in what he says?
2. What stops you from participating in classroom discussion?
3. Which online discussion tools have you used and were they effective?

Think carefully about the question you chose and draft your answer, then watch the video again and make any changes that come to mind.

Next, set your answer aside for a day or more and rewrite it. Read it aloud -- your ear will catch grammar errors and awkward sentences. Run it through the Microsoft Word grammar and spelling checker. Show it to someone else for feedback.

When you have an answer you are proud of, enter it into this database and print a hard copy to turn in.

Link to topic module
Link to topic module
Link to topic module

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  1. Kaila Smith

    Michael Wesch Presentation

    Assignment 5

    CIS 275- MW 10

    2. What prevents you from participating in class discussion?

    There are many things that prevent me from participating in class discussion. One of the main things that prevent me from participating in class discussion is when I feel like I am the only student involved. For example, on the first day of class I participated a lot, but everyone else was silent. It was a little awkward for me because I felt like the professor and I were having a private conversation, I felt like everyone else was relying on me to keep the class going, and I was tired of hearing my own voice. Another thing that prevents me from participating in class discussion is when the professor is boring or lacks enthusiasm. If the professor is unable to keep my attention it is impossible for me to listen, and therefore impossible to participate in a discussion about what’s being said. Another important factor in whether or not I participate is how I feel physically. For example, if I am tired I probably will not be as involved in a discussion as I would if I was fully rested.