Sunday, September 11, 2011

Communities of common interest

Interent pioneers like JCR licklidder understood that it would foster collaboration. In Licklider's words, they envisioned "communities of common interest rather than communities of common location."

This assignment will give you practice creating a community around some topic you are familiar with.

Your end goal is to create a Yahoo Group to support your community. It can be for friends with a common interest, family members, a group of people at work or school. Whatever you wish. Your success will be determined by the level of activity of the group you create. You will get credit for creating a group and attracting a few members, but the group with the most posts and the group with the coolest topic will receive extra credit.

But the first step is to pick a topic and prepare a proposal answering questions like:

What is the group topic, the shared interest?
Who are the potential members?
What is their motivation to participate?

For this assignment, draft your proposal, print it out and turn it in.

Hint -- do not submit a proposal for the first idea that crosses your mind -- come up with several ideas, mull them over, talk them over with prospective community members, then propose the one that seems best.

Link to topic module