Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rating and reputation on the Internet

This assignment will lead you to examples of online rating and reputation. It also gives you practice writing short documents.

  1. Find a product or post you are familar with on a site with one-click ratings. Give the product a one-click rating. Print a screen shot of the rating and state your reason for giving it.
  2. Go to and enter a rating for the best professor you have had so far at CSUDH. (If he or she has not yet been rated, create the first rating). Be sure to inlcude a well thought out comment describing the professor and justifying your positive rating. Print your rating and comment to turn in.
  3. Find a professor at your school who has at least ten ratings. (Find one you have taken a class from if you can). Examine the ratings and comments critically. Do you accept them at face value? How do you explain the variation among the ratings? Print a copy of the ratings and your assessment of them.
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