Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A collaborative database

One purpose of this assignment is to give you experience using a database to create a structured, collaboratively-authored composite document. This experience can be contrasted with that of creating an unstructured, collaboratively authored composite document. A second purpose is to create a useful resource to share with your fellow students.

We will create a database of the topic modules for this course. I set it up, and each of you is responsible for entering three records in the database.

As you see, there are six fields in each record:
  • Module title: already filled in
  • Description: Fill this in by copying and pasting the notes from the first slide in the module PowerPoint presentation.
  • Keywords and phrases: Fill this in by copying the skills and concepts from the second slide. Note that the words "Skills" and "Concepts" are not included, nor is the word "none" if there are no skills or concepts. Note further that the key words are separated by commas. The commas can have no spaces before or after them. Be very careful on this field -- if you mess it up, neither you nor the person verifying your work will get credit.
  • URL: the URL of the topic module
  • Entered by: the name of the person creating the record, last name first
  • Verified by: the name of the classmate who verified the entry, last name first
You can pick any three modules that are not yet taken.

When you are sure that your entries are correct, copy them to a single, cleanly formatted page and print it out to turn in.

I will be a stickler on grading this because it is to be shared with other students.

Link to topic module
Link to topic module