Monday, March 7, 2011

Best class wiki

The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience using a wiki to create a collaboratively-authored document. You will also create a useful resource to share with your fellow students.

What is the best class you have taken at CSUDH? Think a while before you answer, then enter a description of the class (in your own words) and your reason for choosing it on this wiki page.

The format for your description is given here. Be sure to format your entry the way the example is formatted -- we want the page to be uniform and look good.

You might find it helpful to prepare your answers using a text editor (not a word processor!) and paste them onto the wiki page when they are ready.

We will share this with other students, so do not be careless. Follow our tips for writing short documents, and make your contribution something you are proud of.

Have a classmate give you feedback on what you have written.

When you are satisfied, print the wiki page, highlight your answer, and turn it in. Also state the name of the classmate who reviewed it and gave you feedback.

This is a companion assignment to one in which you update a best classes database, and you will use the same content for both.

While you are working on it, think about the pros and cons of collaboration using a wiki and using a database.

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