Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Assessment of our modular electronic text

In this assignment, you will reflect on the future of the textbook, and write a short, collaborative document.

We have discussed the future of the textbook and looked at a modular biology e-text from Nature Publishing, the Merlot collection of teaching modules and the Kahn Academy. Some of you have experience using e-books from other publishers.

Study the presentation that describes our modular course and electronic text, and answer this question:

What are they key advantages and disadvantages of the modular electronic text we have used in this class as compared to a standard textbook or an electronic version of a textbook?

Write the first draft early -- new ideas will come to you as you write and afterwards. Write with a partner -- be sure to get someone to review your draft and give you feedback. Discuss the topic with them and you will get new ideas. (Your partner does not have to be someone in this class).

When your answer is complete, post it as a comment on the topic module on our course (first link below) and print a copy to turn in. On the copy you turn in, add the name of your writing partner and their relationship to you -- classmate, professor, father, etc.

Link to topic module on our course.
Link to topic module on modular teaching material.