Sunday, November 21, 2010

First home page

This assignment will give you practice putting content on a server.

Create a home page like this one, substituting a link to your blog and inserting your photo.

Be sure your home page looks just like mine and that all of the links work correctly.  Note that my picture is 250 by 250 pixels with a 1 pixel border around it.  I did not use the image height and width attributes, but re-sized the image using an image processing program, and it is not distorted.

When it is finished, rename it index.htm and transfer it to your directory on Also transfer your image file to the server. View your home page on using a Web browser, and print a screen shot and the HTML source to turn in.

Note that since index.htm has been set as a default file name on the server, you do not have to type it in the URL.

If you haven't already done so, add a link to your home page to our class roster and test it to be sure it works.

Hint -- you won't get credit if your picture is not 250 by 250 and you use the height and width attributes. You should also test your home page and roster links on the server. You won't get credit if any of them is broken.

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