Monday, November 15, 2010

Audio recording -- host on your server

This assignment will give you practice recording audio, but, more important, use it as a chance to become familiar with the Audacity user interface.

Record an introduction of yourself using Audacity.  This will go on your Web site, so tell the listener whatever you think it is important for them to know about you.  You might mention your studies, work, family, hobby -- whatever you wish to be part of your introduction.

Don't settle for a low quality recording. Experiment with microphone placement and recording level so that there is no clipping, but you are using the dynamic range of the recorder. You are not finished until it sounds good.

When you are proud of your recording, export it with the name name intro.mp3 (so I can check it) and upload it to your Web directory on Check to see that you can play it back in a browser.

When it is working, print out an Audacity screen shot of the recording to turn in.

Next write a post on your blog with a link to the recording on your server.

Print out a copy of that post to turn in as well.

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