Monday, November 15, 2010

A collaborative image collection -- the CSUDH brand

The purpose of this assignment is to collaborate on a collection of user-generated content -- the group will succeed if we create excellent images.

We will collaborate to compile a collection of images that communicate an idea or feeling about CSUDH. A marketing person might say were are trying to define the CSUDH "brand." Begin by considering your feelings for and ideas about CSUDH. What would you like your image to say?

The images can be photos, collages, drawings, logos, graphs, etc. Here are four I made as examples:
And here is the winner from last semester:

Its title is "Diversity" and the tag line is "CSUDH is uniquely diverse". Create an image and upload it to the Flikr photo sharing site. Log in as dhillscis using the password torosrule. After uploading the image, give it a title, a tag line or brief explanation of why you think it reflects the DH brand, and assign the tag dhbrandf2010 to it.

When it is on the Flickr site and the title, tagline and tag are correct, print a screenshot showing your image on Flickr.

These images will be entered in a contest, and winners will receive extra credit.

If you wish, you can enter a second image in the contest, but you need only one to complete this assignment.