Sunday, November 21, 2010

Update wiki roster

In this assignment, you will edit a composite wiki page and also consider the difference between a wiki page and an online data file.

Once your home page is on, add a line to the roster page of our class wiki.

Your line should have your last name, first name, section (day or eve) and a link to your home page. We want the list to be in alphabetical order by last name, so be sure to put your entry in the correct place. (Since it is a wiki, you can fix it if someone messes up).

I have added my SWS home page as an example. Your link should say "My home page" and it should go to your home page on Note that I named my home page index.htm so I do not have to repeat that in the URL. I also specified that it be opened in a new window.

Test the link to be sure that it leads to your home page on, that it opens in a new window, and is at the proper place in alphabetical order. (I will be checking). When it works properly, print a screen shot showing your updated roster entry, highlight it and turn it in.

In a previous assignment, you added a record to our class roster database. Now you have added a link to class roster wiki page. What is one advantage of the database over the wiki page and what is one advantage of the wiki page over the database? Print your answer and turn it in.

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