Friday, September 17, 2010

Modify a blog

This assignment tests your understanding of modifying the layout and style of a blog.

Add Profile and Link List gadgets to your blog, as shown in this example blog.

Note that in the example there is a link to my profile, but my profile itself does not appear.

Blogger will find and use your Google Plus profile if you used the same account for Google Plus and Blogger.

Note also that the helpful links are to our class roster, class home page and professor's home page.

Don't forget to test the links to your profile and the helpful links to be sure they work.

Print and turn in a screen shot of the blog with the helpful links and profile gadgets.

Next change the your blog template and answer these questions:
  1. Did changing the template change the appearance of your blog?
  2. Did changing the template change the content of your blog?
Print your answers to turn in then reset the original template

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Prerequisite assignment