Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Application, implication or technology presentation

Our class covers Internet applications, implications and technology. Your assignment is to pick a single application, implication or technology and create a short presentation that teaches about it.

The target audience for the presentation is your CIS 275 classmates -- not techies. It should be self-contained, with adequate notes on the slides, but feel free to include links for further study if the reader becomes interested. Think of it as being roughly the equivalent of a section in a textbook.

The end product is a presentation file with slides and enough notes to stand on its own -- as a document to be read and studied, not the slides for a talk. (You will not be giving a presentation, just preparing the document).

Feel free to copy my presentation style -- a relatively simple slide with text annotation and sometimes questions for thought (those little stop signs) or pick a style you think works better.

Use Slides, the Google Drive presentation program, for this assignment. When you have a presentation that you have all worked on and are proud of, print a copy to turn in along with the document's Google Drive address (its URL).

This assignment will count double and there will be bonus credit for the best ones.

Link to topic module