Monday, February 13, 2012

Internet surveillance -- what is your IP address?

This assignment illustrates the idea of an IP address, but, more important, gives you practice discovering how to learn something you do not know.

Your first reaction might be "that is not fair -- you did not show us how to do that," but the main point of the assignment is for you to discover how to learn using the Internet and other resources.

1. Find the IP addresses of two different computers in the same lab on our campus -- what are they? (Note that you must do this while on campus since the lab computers do not have domain names and are not "visible" from off campus).

2. Are they the same or different? Why?

3. What are the IP addresses of your computers at home?

4. If you use a Web client to go to and then to, you get the same result. Why?

5. I tried to access the Web site at using Google Chrome, but after some time, got the error message "This web page is not available." What was the problem?

Since question one must be done on campus, I would suggest you answer it right away. You need to work from home to answer question three and the answer to questions two four and five are not obvious, so you will have to coordinate. My suggestion is that you save the answer as a Google Drive document so you can jointly edit it to arrive at a consensus on the answers, then print out the final version to turn in. (With everyone's name on it).

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