Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alternative introductions to Twitter

This assignment will give you an alternative introduction to Twitter and also introduce you to a form of presentation called a "Prezi." Since it is to be done in teams, you also get practice with collaborative writing.

First, watch the following presentations:

A video introduction to Twitter
A “Prezi” of the above video

Then answer the following questions.

1. The presentations introduced Twitter and then showed how it could be used in a collaborative application. What was that application?

2. Which did you prefer the Prezi or the Video? Explain your answer.

3. You also saw this PowerPoint presentation. What is one point that it covers that is not covered in the video/Prezi?

This assignment is to be done in teams of two or three people. Print and turn in a single copy of your answers with everyone's name on it.

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