Monday, November 8, 2010

Default URLs

This assignment will familiarize you with the use of default page names in URLs.

If you enter a URL that includes the name of an HTML page, a browser will retrieve and display that page. But, if there is no file name, the server will return a default page. Default page names are under the control of the server administrator, but index.htm is commonly used.

Create an HTML page, give it the name index.htm, and transfer it to your directory on The page can say anything you like -- talk about school, hobbies, whatever. Use this as a chance to express yourself and experiment with tags and their attributes.

Retrieve the page using a Web browser, without adding the file name index.htm to the URL.

Print and turn in a copy of the HTML source file (index.htm) and a screen shot of the page displayed in the browser.

Link to topic module
Link to topic module