Saturday, October 30, 2010

Basic HTML tags

The purpose of this assignment is get you used to demonstrate the mechanics of creating HTML pages and to see the effect of a few common tags.

For this exercise, you will create an HTML document, but instead of making it available on the Web, you will store it locally. Do not use a word processing program for this assignment, use a text editor. (The Notepad text editor is available on computers running Microsoft Windows).

You are to prepare a two paragraph document. Tell about yourself, your job, sports teams -- whatever you want. In addition to making up two paragraphs, put your name in the indicated spot. The marked up document should look like this:

<title>My first HTML document</title>
<h2> put your name here </h2>
<hr />
text of your  first paragraph
text of your second paragraph

Print your document as it appears in the editor and as it appears when viewed using a Web client, and turn in both.

Create a second version of the file without the HTML tags -- just leave your name and the two paragraph description. View that version using a Web client and print it out to turn in. What changed when you deleted the HTML tags?

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