Sunday, October 31, 2010

Attributes and their values

This assignment will let you experiment with the attributes of the <hr />
tag and test your understanding of the terms tag, attribute and value.

Create a Web page with two paragraphs separated by a horizontal rule. The paragraphs can say anything you wish and the horizontal rule should look like this:

(the color is blue and it is 100 pixels wide, five pixels tall and centered.)

Experiment with the values of the attributes, and change the horizontal rule so that it is that is 20 pixels tall, 300 pixels wide, red, and on the left hand side of the window.

Do a second experiment in which the horizontal rule is the same except that its width is 50% of the window no matter how you resize it. (Be sure to resize the window to see if the horizontal rule resizes correctly).

Print out and turn in the HTML source and the resulting page displayed in a browser window for the original page and for both of your experiments.

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