Monday, September 8, 2014

Under the hood of a survey application

The purpose of this assignment is to reinforce your understanding of the information flow between a client and server on the Internet and the functional components of a computer. It also gives you practice collaboratively writing a short document.

Now that you have completed the student background survey, write carefully worded answers to these questions:
  1. What program was I running when I made up and entered the survey questions?
  2. After I finished drafting the survey, where was it stored?
  3. While you were completing the questionnaire, what program were you running?
  4. After you completed the survey, where were your answers stored?
  5. While you were completing the survey, where was the survey-completion program?
Be specific and be sure to use the words client, server, memory, storage, program and data when appropriate. For example, don't just say something is stored at "Survey Gizmo" -- be more specific.

Use the Google Drive word processor (docs) for this assignment. When you have a clearly written answer that you are proud of, print a copy to turn in along with the document's Google Drive address (its URL).

Link to topic module.
Link to topic module
Link to topic module
Link to topic module