Tuesday, August 26, 2014

UCLA learning behaviors survey

The purpose of this assignment is to focus your attention on learning behaviors that have been found to correlate with academic success by UCLA researchers. It also illustrates an online survey application and gives you practice with Internet writing.

Complete this learning behaviors survey. Don't rush -- really think about your answers.

When you have finished, print a screen shot showing your responses and submit the form.

I will not pay a bit of attention to your particular responses -- the purpose is to help you look at your own learning behaviors.

Next, write answers to these questions, written using the Google Drive word processor
  1. Which of these learning behaviors is easiest for you?
  2. Which of these learning behaviors is hardest for you?
  3. Which new one, if any, are you willing to try this semester?

Print the answer using the print command in the Google word processing program and turn it in.

Link to topic module
Link to topic module

The UCLA survey covers many other characteristics of freshman students -- for more information, see this blog post.

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