Monday, November 11, 2013

About CIS 275

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice working with a group with different skills and hopefully come up with some cool content.

This is a team contest. (If you have forgotten which team you are on, check the slides in class discussion week 5). The teams are fairly large, so each should have people who are good with image editing, writing and creative ideas.

Your assignment is to create a blog post that would help a CSUDH student who is trying to decide whether to take CIS 275 next semester and wants to know what it is like. For example, you might explain and illustrate:
  • An implication of the Internet for individuals, organizations or society/li>
  • The most interesting, useful or fun concept or skill that you learned in this class
  • Our class tagline "Internet applications, implications and technology"
  • Any other characteristic of the class that you think would be of interest to a perspective student
When your team entry is complete, post it on the blog of one of your team members and post a link to it in our Google Plus community in the category About CIS 275.

Your post must contain at least one original image and explanatory text.

This is an extra credit contest -- members of the winning team will get 8 assignment points. The other folks will get fewer, but everyone will get some.