Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Writing and sharing a document with the Google Drive word processor

This assignment will introduce you to the Google Drive word processor and give you practice writing and sharing a short document.

Spend some time reading our class blog, and pick the most interesting post you can find. Write a short description of that post, stating its title, what it says and how it is relevant to our class. Be sure to include a link to the post in your description.

You will be tempted to pick the first post you come across to get the assignment done quickly. Resist that temptation and search for a post on a topic you care about -- one that is interesting to you and you can honestly recommend to your classmates. Be convincing -- write something that will convince a classmate to read the blog post.

When you finish, set the sharing to allow it to be read by anyone on the Web.

Print it out to turn in along with its shared URL (Web address).

Link to topic module
Link to topic module

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