Saturday, November 19, 2011

Play with Google Plus

This assignment will introduce you to Google Plus and working together with classmates.

Before you do this assignment, complete the prerequisite assignment, in which you will open a Google Plus account, create your profile and add a link to the profile to our class roster.

In your new account, create a circle for our class and add me (+larry press) and your teammate(s).

Create at least one post and share it with your circle.

Add a comment to one of the messages posted by a teammate.

Each team member should print and turn in screenshots of the following:

1. Your team circle showing your teammates.
2. A copy of a post you made.
3. A copy of someone else's post along with a comment you made on it.

Staple these together to turn in and write your name and your team number on the front.

Link to topic module

Prerequisite assignment