Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Create a wiki

This assignment will test your ability to create a wiki when needed.

We will use the wiki service at Wikispaces.com.

Create a wiki with a home page with links to three sub pages.

1. A page with a description of the best class you have had at CSUDH -- one that you would recommend to your friends. Be sure to include the name and number of the class, the instructor's name and a brief statement as to why you recommend it so highly.

2. A page with a description of the most interesting post you have seen on our class blog -- one that you think others should read. Give a short summary of what the post says and why you are recommending it. Be sure to include a link to the post (its permalink).

3. A page devoted to any topic you choose -- something you care about.

Print your pages to turn in and also add a link to your wiki to our class roster.

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