Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tweet an image

This assignment will give you practice posting a tweet with a link to an image and provides an example of one of the many applications built using Twitter as a development platform.

Use Twitpic to compose and post a tweet with a link to an image in your Twitter stream.

The tweet should contain a short description of the image or its relevance in order to help someone decide whether or not to click on the link to view it. The tweet, including the link to your image, should not exceed the 140 character Twitter limit.

You may either create an image for this assignment or use one you find on the Internet. Either way, try to come up with a cool image or one that is relevant to our class. Don't just pick the first one you come across.

When you are finished print out a copy of your image on the Twitpic site and a copy of your tweet with a link to the image to turn in. (Highlight the tweet with the link if there are multiple tweets on the page).

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