Monday, November 29, 2010

A collaborative assignment

This assignment illustrates group collaboration. We will each do a small part of the overall job of creating a shared folder on Google Docs with my articles from ACM publications.

For this assignment, I set up an account caled dhillscis on Google Docs. The password is torosrule.

I created a folder called ACM, and put a shared spreadsheet with a list of the articles in it.

Each of you should pick one article, download it to your PC, then upload it to the ACM folder in dhhillscis directory at Google Docs.

You will be downloading the article from the ACM Digital Library, which you can use for free as a CSUDH student.

Be sure to set the sharing permission to Public on the Web in order to get a URL for the document file.

Once the article is on the server, update the shared spreadsheet, adding your name (last name first) and a link to the article on Google Docs.

Be sure to test the link, then print and turn in the shared spreadsheet, highlihgting your name and the link to your article.