Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make and post a picture of yourself

This assignment will introduce you to image processing and the Paint.net image processing program.

Prepare a 250 by 250 pixel, closely cropped image of your face.

Be careful not to distort the shape of your face -- the final result will have an aspect ratio of 1:1. You will probably have to crop your photo in order to make it square. That will leave a square image, which can be re-sized and saved.

Focus on your face, and crop out most of the background. Feel free to cut off part of your hair, one of your ears, etc., for example:

Adjust the contrast and color so that it looks good on the screen.

When you are pleased with the image, print and turn in copies of the original and final images.

Then upload the 250 by 250 image to your Google profile, replacing the old image.

Print your profile with the new image and turn that in as well.

Finally, print and turn in a list of the operations you performed on the original image. (You can see them listed in the Paint.net history window).

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