Thursday, September 16, 2010

Conversation using a blog comment

This assignment will give you practice with conversational writing.

You will be posting a comment on a blog. Find a blog on a topic where you have some knowledge and opinions -- look for a blog that you would like to subscribe to and continue following. It can be on any topic, not necessarily related to our class -- perhaps sports, music, cooking, the stock market, etc. -- whatever interests you.

Read the current and recent posts on the blog, and post a comment on one of them.  Your comment should be relevant to the particular post you selected, and must contain at least one quote from that post.

Remember that you are conversing with the person who wrote the blog post -- you might want to ask him or her a question, disagree with something they said, add something they overlooked, etc. Think of it as conversing with your keyboard.

Print out a copy of the original post and your comment showing the quote to turn in.

If the blog owner replies to your comment, print that out as well and you will get extra credit for the assignment. Similarly, if you send them an email and they reply, print the exchange out and you will get extra credit.

Link to topic module
Link to topic module

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