Thursday, September 9, 2010

Collaborative Twitter stream

This assignment will give you practice writing very short documents and will help us jointly discover some cool resources on the Web.

Start searching and being on the lookout for cool things on the Web -- a blog post, Web site, service, etc, that would be useful and interesting to your fellow students.  Make sure it is not something common that we all know about like Google, Facebook or YouTube.

Write a tweet on the neatest thing you find.  Your tweet should include a link to the site you are recommending and explain  what it is and why we will like it.  You should both describe and sell your selection.  (Doing that in 140 characters is a challenge).

Don't recommend the first thing you think of.  Pick something really cool.  I will give you three weeks to find something really great, make your selection and tweet it.

Post your tweet at -- ask me for the user name and password.

After tweeting your recommendation, print it out to turn in along with the answer to the following questions:
  1. Once you decided which site to recommend, how long did you spend writing the tweet?
  2. Which would you expect to turn up better results -- the professor recommending some sites for you to visit or distributing the task to the class as we have done here?  Explain your answer.
This is a contest -- once you've posted your selections, you will pick the best ones, which will receive extra credit.